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Supports devices up to 16A such as water heaters, lighting, etc.
with remote on or off via  of  TuyaSmart Application as well as directly from the touch button manually.

* Voice control : Compatible  with Amazon Alexa and  Google  Home for managing your devices. You can tell  "Alexa, turn on the water", then the water heater will turn on. Works with  IFTTT

* Maximum working time : This feature must use the "TuyaSmart" application. The setting of the maximum working time can be accurately in seconds. For example, you set a maximum working time of 2 hours. The smart supply  will turn off automatically in 2 hours whenever you use voice, application or manual activation.

* Scheduled / Delay / Cycle timer : Adjustable  easily with  automatic schedules through the TuyaSmart Application.


Immediate shipping with Akis Express  Courier the next day. 

WiFi Tuya Heater Switch 16A

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