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The WiFi Tuya Camera 2MP is a model with a unique design that you operate through the TuyaSmart app.


It supports voice conversation (2-Way) and can also be configured to record events when it detects sound, motion or schedule.


It is PTZ through the application and offers ZOOM control. It is day and night 2MP HD.


There is a Tracking incident option which automatically follows the path of the intruder throughout the area where it is located (PTZ auto tracking).


It supports TF cards from 8GB to 128GB, and there is also an option for Cloud Recording.


You connect with a Wireless 802.11b/g/n network as well as directly with a cable to your provider's router.


Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Direct shipping with Akis Express Courier next day.

WiFi Tuya Camera 2MP

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