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Connect any device that works with an outlet and operate it easily from wherever you are via Tuya Smart Application

Ideal for devices up to 13A and USB output 5V 4A


* Electricity Monitor:   Monitor live as well as in daily, weekly and monthly reports the consumption of the device connected to WiFi Tuya Wall Plug 2 Gang 13A.


* Timer Schedule:   You can set the device you want to control to turn on and off with a daily schedule for systematic operation at specific times.

* Voice control : Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to manage your devices. You can say “Alexa, turn on the light bulb,” then the light bulb will turn on. Works with IFTTT

* Maximum working time :  Maximum working time can be set to precision in seconds. For example, you set a maximum working time of 2 hours. The smart plug will automatically turn off in 2 hours whenever you use voice, app or manual activation.


Direct shipping with Akis Express Courier next day.  

WiFi Tuya Wall Plug 2 Gang 13A

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